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Health Perception and Health Management

Health Perception and Health Management.

It’s focused on the person’s perceived level of health and well-being, and on practices for maintaining health. Also evaluated Habits including smoking and alcohol or drug use.

  • Contamination
  • Disturbed energy field
  • Effective therapeutic regimen management
  • Health-seeking behaviors (specify)
  • Ineffective community therapeutic regimen management
  • Ineffective family therapeutic regimen management
  • Ineffective health maintenance
  • Ineffective protection
  • Ineffective therapeutic regimen management
  • Noncompliance (ineffective Adherence)
  • Readiness for enhanced immunization status
  • Readiness for enhanced therapeutic regimen management
  • Risk for contamination
  • Risk for infection
  • Risk for injury
  • Risk for perioperative positioning injury
  • Risk for poisoning
  • Risk for sudden infant death syndrome
  • Risk for suffocation
  • Risk for trauma
  • Risk-prone health behavior

11 Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns - Health Perception and Health Management

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